merv 7.5 MK2


  • Unique Hull Design
  • Trailer-able
  • Flat Deck Design
  • Interchangeable modules for added flexibility and versatility that can be added to the Base Model (MERV 7.5 Mk2)
  • MERV - World Tracking System
  • All MERV’s can be painted to suit.


  • Length Overall - 30.50ft 9.30m
  • Length Hull - 24.60ft 7.50m
  • Beam Maximum - 14.00ft 4.27m
  • Beam Trailer-able - 10.00ft 3.05m
  • Hull Depth - 4.25ft 1.30m
  • Height on Trailer - 12.5ft 4.19m
  • Shallow water operation - 1.50ft 0.46m
  • Engines (Twin Suzuki OB) - 60 to 150HP
  • Fuel Capacity - 90 gals / 340 liters
  • Collection Tank capacity - 1200 gals 4540 liters
  • Hand rails & Lifeline height - 3.00ft 0.91m
  • Non Slip Deck Grating - All deck units
  • Fixed Bridge Deck Units - 6 units
  • Control Console - 1 unit stbd aft
  • Adaptable to move forward, have seat installed,
  • enlarged for extra crew coverage
  • Optional Full covers

The Innovative Hull Design:

Great care and consideration has been implemented into the hull design. The outside of the hull has been designed for optimal higher speed performance The inner walls of the hull are smooth and vertical for ‘non- run-over’ collection capability.


The MERV 7.5 Mk2 can be easily transported on its own trailer.

In the USA, boats that are under 10 feet wide may be towed without a permit. Only a driver’s license and a licensed boat and trailer are required. However, boats over 10 feet wide must have a permit and flashing light escort. Boats over 12 feet, (wider than the road lane) require a police escort and a more expensive permit.

The unique hinging frame system (Swing Arm Units) allows for the hulls of a MERV to come together when afloat or for transport when being trailered. This design enables a 14 foot beam MERV to collapse to under 10 feet for road transport. The boat may operate in the water in both the open and closed position.

Flat Deck Design:

The Base Boat is configured with port and starboard hulls, 2 swing arm units and 4 bridge deck units. These, combined with outboard motors, steering console and perimeter stanchions and lifelines provide a flat safe working environment for multiple applications.

Apart from being an ideal general workboat, the MERV 7.5 Mk2 is able to work as vehicle ferry, carrying cars, light trucks or ATV’s. The forward diverter arms as used on the CHEMOIL and STRAINER modules may be used as ramps for loading and unloading vehicles and other wheel-borne equipment.

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